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6 Dec 2010 15:22 / Last update: 6 Dec 2010 15:26

Women challenged to accomplish the task they are called to do

Rahel Terefe Chirperson of EECMY Women Ministry Forum

Christian women are obliged to join hands with firm commitment, in order to do the good work to which God has called them which is inclusive of contributions to church ministry and support to the efforts that would be exerted towards nation building, Mrs. Rahel Terefe, EECMY National Women Forum chairperson said this at a half day consultation held recently at EECMY Central Office in Addis Ababa. The aim of the consultation is to expose the women those invited from the former Addis Ababa and surrounding Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (AAECMY)to the current overall status of the church and sharing experience. Twenty-nine women attended this consultation which was organized by the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus-Women Ministry Coordination Office (EECMY_WMCO) in Addis Ababa. AAECMY has been Church established by the EECMY Congregations those separated from the Church following the Church decision on reason then raised as language problem.

Participants of the Consultation

Mrs. Rahel Terefe, challenged the participants noting that women in the cities, in particular in Addis Ababa are required to be a role model for compatriot women in the countryside in participating in the integrated Church and community services, because they have better opportunity to obtain necessary support from the Women Ministry Coordination Office of the Church and are also better exposed to the enlightened context.

Rev. Dr. Berhanu Ofgaa, EECMY General Secretary in his opening remark to the participants of the consultation said the contribution of women is far beyond the traditional assumptions that limits women ministry in the church only to carrying out knitting works with the purpose of fund raising for the congregations

Rev.Dr Berhanu underlined the significance of the contributions of women in the church and community, such as visiting the sick, supporting the needy and counseling the desperate social categories. He went on and added that the EECMY is the first Evangelical Church that gave recognition to the significance of the contribution of women in her wholistic services and accordingly called and assigned them to the Office of ordained ministry.

Mrs. Rahel Terefe 2nd left to right, in yellow shirt, left Rev.Adisie Itefa and left to right next to the Chairperson Mrs. Etagegne Tadesse and Sister Tadelech Loha

Sister Tadelech Loha, Coordinator of EECMY Women Coordination Office and Mrs. Itagengne Tadesse, Coordinator of Women Ministry of the Congregations in Addis Ababa, which are under the auspices of AACAOC expressed delight for the opportunity of getting together for the first time and being able to share information and experiences about the status of the ministry in their respective constituencies. Participants appreciated the seminar though they expressed that it came late and should pursue in future.

In a related development it was learned that the EECMY Women Ministry Forum is under a preparation for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the first ordination of women by the EECMY. The event is the first of its kind in the history of Christian denominations in Ethiopia. Rev. Bekure Daba who is the first women in the history of EECMY to receive the blessing to enter to the office of ordained ministry in the EECMY and currently is on PhD study program in United Kingdom will be guest of honour at the event. Two former coordinators of the EECMY women ministry coordination office; Mrs. Tenange Nigusie and Mrs. Aberash Dinsa are also invited and expected to attend the occasion and Mrs. Tenange Nigusie is already in the country. The planned anniversary will be held at the Mekane Yesus Seminary in Addis Ababa, from December 10-12, 2010.

Written by: Shibru Galla

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