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23 Dec 2011 13:34 / Last update: 23 Dec 2011 13:41

EECMY Christian Family life Education Section enjoys encouraging achievement in 2011

Rev. Geneti & W/ro Aberash, CFLEP Coordinators

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) Christian Family life Education Program (CFLEP) Section of the Department of Mission and Theology (DMT) during the year 2011 enjoyed significant achievements in various areas of its activities, the section’s annual activity report has disclosed here. The report noted that the section during the year 2011 conducted five intensive workshops of Training of Trainers that involved 276 Ministers gathered from the EECMY congregations and others Denominations.

In addition, the effort that has been made to introduce Christian family life Education orientation at the Church Bible schools and Seminaries has continued bearing fruit. Orientation workshops that have been given to the graduates of regional Bible Schools and Seminaries with their wives at the end of the graduation year prior to their going back to the field of services is the effort that is believed would help the ministers and their wives to have common concern and obligation in jointly discharging the responsibilities bestowed to them by the congregations and God. Trainings given at Tabor College in Hawassa and at Central Gibe Synod Ijaji Bible School are a model to use Family ministry manual book for training of trainers (TOT) program at church institutions.

According to same report, there is a growing tendency that indicates that the level of awareness at the congregations and institutions about Christian Family Life Education is stepping ahead from time to time among the congregations that are reached with the training. Encouraging aspect of the effort is that congregations that have come to the understanding of the benefit and importance of the Christian family Education are reported have already started covering the costs of the workshops that are run in their respective areas. According to the report the Section through its Training of Trainers scheme has produced several trainers at grass root level in almost all the synods which will take over the work that has been done from the center.

TOT participants in group discussion

The section, the report noted is expanding its training scope from time to time. accordingly, during the year the section strengthened its effort by introducing additional training component that aims at providing pre-marital teaching and counseling. In this regard, it conducted five days May 2- 7/2011, pre-marital Training workshop that involved synod presidents, joint programs leaders, Bible School Directors/teachers, parish leaders and evangelists those gathered from the synods and respective joint programs. The report further disclosed that so far 1186 persons have been directly reached with either of the training by the Christian Family Life Education.

Rev. Geneti Woyessa and W/ro Aberash Woyessa, EECMY-DMT Christian Family life Education program Coordinators said that the feedback to the program is very encouraging that since the program has started many families who were separated or ready for separation have been reunited or reconciled and more importantly, the program is emerging to a sustainable future because many congregations have already started for local expenses.

Written by: Shibru Galla

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